Who will be the last standing?

How the social networks have changed the face of “bricks and clicks” business model into a “collective” where members pool resources, share information & provide other benefits.  For example the record labels no longer can continue  the distribution base model. Streaming and  file sharing have forever eliminated the “middle-man” role.  Relatively unknown artist can achieve … Continue reading Who will be the last standing?

Marisela Musik

Starting her teen age years, she decided to teach herself on how to play the guitar, when she felt the need to accompany her melodic singing with an instrument, which she learnt in just a short period of time, and soon after she started composing her very first songs. At the age of 15, she … Continue reading Marisela Musik


Anouschka Anouschka is a singer-songwriter based in Berlin, Germany.  She was raised in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Her slogan “good music for a good cause” ties in various messages with her performances and releases. Her current release, the EP titled “So Why?”  is co-produced with Harris Johns (Engineer for Sodom, Toxpack, Slipknot) at … Continue reading Anouschka

Jay Lang

The head designer and owner of the company is J. Lang, and she creates distinctive designs for all ages. In the web site you will find items for everyone…. from the very young to the young-in-heart. Age is no barrier for Jay who is exceptionally perceptive and always produces just what you want.Apparel for men, … Continue reading Jay Lang