Rock ‘n’ Roll Highway 67

4 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Roll Highway 67”

  1. I had a few drinks there- (only bar close to me I’m in a dry county) Sure glad I got to shoot the inside of the club and see the place before it was gone- A total loss, what a tragedy….

  2. Have you, by chance, heard about the effort in Bald Knob to put together a Rock ‘N’ Roll Highway 67 museum? It is being spearheaded by Barth Grayson, publisher of the Bald Knob Banner local newspaper. He has an old bar in the newspaper office that he says came out of the “Wagon Wheel” which was a honky tonk in Bald Knob before White County was voted dry. Elvis supposedly performed there too and is rumored to have danced on that bar. There have been a series of fundraisers with Sonny Burgess and some others. Just wondered. My dad played in Sonny Burgess’ group back in the 50s. They were some cool cats.

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